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Cowboy Credit is a service provided by:Coliseum Motors

A financial concept created to increase the number of automobile loans that are approved.

Have you been turned down for a car loan ?

Are you looking to rebuild your credit?

If so we can help!

Planning doesn't mean having less - it means doing more with what you have. Cowboy Credit has Credit Loan programs available with less than perfect credit to assist them in purchasing a new or used car, truck or SUV. If you are searching for the best car loan at the best auto loan rates and terms.

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All you need to get started is:

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    4. Proof of Insurance

and you are ready to go!

Contact John via e-mail, fill out the pre-approval form or Phone for Pre-Approval

For individuals with poor credit, secondary auto financing can make purchasing a vehicle a reality. In most cases, the interest rates that are charged will be higher than those offered with traditional loans. The reason for the higher rate is the perceived greater risk that an individual with a bad credit history presents. In addition to higher interest rates, secondary auto financing may also mean that there are additional requirements mandated by the lender. These additional requirements could include a down payment or a minimum amount of income coming in each month. A history of timely payments for rent or mortgage may also be a requirement. The good news is that the potential buyer can use these loans as a means of rebuilding their credit. By making loan payments on a regular basis, a buyer can see their credit score improve. As the credit score improves, the consumer has the option of refinancing later at a lower rate. Any consumer who wishes to rebuild their credit would be wise to do so.